The Sunshine Coast is a lush, mountainous and forested region in the Strait of Georgia with many lakes and creeks attracting a great variety of shore birds, birds of prey, and inland dwellers .

Several communities have developed and protected key marsh areas creating estuary-like bird watching parks. Natural areas abound as well. The 157 species identified in Sargeant Bay Provincial Park are  divided into 3 distinct viewing areas: Saltwater of Sargeant Bay, berm and Colvin Lake, and upland forest above Redrooffs Rd.

The bay and marshland is an important stopover for migrating Harlequin ducks, Canada Geese and Trumpeter Swans. The tidal marsh supports a great variety of waterfowl including loons, grebes, cormorants and ducks. Upland, migratory song birds serenade.

Tony Greenfield of Whiskey Jack Nature Tours usually leads a walk in Sargeant Bay the first Sunday of every month. Bird notes and counts are recorded twice a year for spring visitors and winter residents. Other popular bird watching sites on the lower Sunshine Coast are Ruby Lake, Iris Griffith Wetlands, Smuggler Cove, and the Sechelt Marsh.

Download the bird form to tally your own sightings.