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We have always been conscious of living lightly wherever we’ve been fortunate enough to dwell, be it an overnight kayak or hiking trip or a 28 year sojourn in Northern BC.

Returning to the Coast in 2011, we’ve drawn new inspiration from the rugged coastline, lush temperate rainforests and the water that surrounds us and occasionally falls on us.

Being involved in many green initiatives in Dawson Creek including sustainable tourism, green meetings, certified “Backyard Habitat” (Canadian Wildlife Federation), we kept the same principles in mind when we set out to develop our current property.

While we were not able to achieve all our lofty goals over the course of such a long and costly construction period we were able to get a few things right to ensure our guests enjoy our spectacular natural setting and the exceptional amenities and services we provide in an Earth friendly manner.

Certified first in 2015 through Green Step Solutions with a silver rating based upon international standards through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, we were pleased to achieve Gold status in April, 2017. Reviewed every 2 years, we strive to improve our sustainability score and move forward with our action plan goals. Read our Sustainable Tourism Pledge 2030 below and some of the current goals we are working on. Our Responsible Visitors Charter offers suggestions on how we can work together for sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Tourism Pledge 2030

Livable Design

  • Passive solar features
  • Extensive glazing for natural light
  • Views & nature highlighted
  • Adaptable design for aging in place
  • Open plan
  • “Not so Big House” principles
  • Beautiful as well as durable materials, meant to last

Water Management

  • Super efficient Peat System for grey water and waste treatment
  • Butterfly rooflines, feature scuppers and rain chains channel water to integrated drainage to prevent erosion and allow rainwater to percolate back into the soil or runoff naturally
  • Conservation is achieved with dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, towel and linen reuse programs and other waterwise practices


  • Two Daikon heat pumps with solar assisted hot water and in-floor heating (Pointhouse)
  • HVAC system augments efficient heating and air circulation (Pointhouse, Annex, Aerie)
  • High efficiency boiler and in-floor heat (Aerie)
  • High efficiency furnace & heat pump (Annex)
  • Triple glazed, lowE windows
  • State of the Art home automation allows precise control of lighting, climate, entertainment for safety, security, and efficiency
  • Energy star appliances

Sustainable Materials & Practices

  • Locally harvested and milled beams and posts; Local stone from excavation for landscaping
  • Local labour market support
  • Many fixtures reused in some capacity; balance donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • Wood ends and salvaged items used for custom furnishings; Other furnishings refinished to extend their life
  • Exterior and interior finishes durable & long lasting
  • Community involvement with local conservation society and sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Recycled paper products; overall paper waste reduced by using electronic documentation
  • Encourage sustainable transportation choices; support for EV’s, e-bikes, bicycles and carbon neutral airlines
  • No Idle Policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions & conserve fuel
  • In suite recycling and composting opportunities for guests
  • Responsible Visitor Charter

Natural Landscaping

  • Native and near native trees planted and nurtured throughout the property
  • Household waste water collected for indoor & outdoor plants
  • Waterwise gardening practices; mulching to conserve moisture
  • Green roofs on several buildings
  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides

Wildlife and Habitat

  • Majority of property maintained as natural forest and shoreline, for food, shelter & biodiversity
  • Habitat for eagles, otters, mink, squirrels, birds, ducks, amphibians and seals
  • Maintain a nature diary to record and share wildlife sightings and the rhythms of nature
  • Guide books and species lists for flora and fauna plus loaner binoculars
  • Entice guests to explore the local park with self-guided nature walks and hikes
  • Support community environmental groups in conservation, stewardship, and education
  • Encourage guests to limit the use of harmful/toxic substances such as sunscreen and insect repellents

Healthy Home

  • Porcelain tile through out home; area rugs  from natural fibers
  • Screened, opening windows used for ventilation, fans for circulation vs air conditioning
  • HVAC for air quality
  • Linens hung outdoors whenever possible for drying & natural bleaching
  • Non toxic cleaning and laundry products

Food & Amenities

  • Durable service items ie. reusable cutlery, dishware etc
  • Vegetable and herb gardens, fruit trees for home grown food
  • Locally sourced and organic food when possible
  • Bulk buying to reduce packaging waste
  • Food waste composted, diverting organic material from the landfill
  • Refillable containers for guest amenities


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