Sunshine Coast Hikes

There are a myriad of trails to explore coastal forests, mountains, and shorelines ranging in intensity and duration.

Skookumchuk Rapids

Guests come from all over the world to view this incredible natural attraction, our most-visited scenic spot. Tidal whirlpools and rapids form right in front of your eyes as the ocean rushes through the constricted the entrance into Sechelt Inlet. In summer months you may also get the pleasure of watching highly experienced whitewater river kayakers playing in the waves. Check the Sechelt Visitors Centre hidden gems page for best viewing times

Smuggler Cove

A 4 km trail leads from the parking lot through an expanding wetland (thank you beavers) to the picturesque coves and waterways of this year round protected anchorage. Great for picnicking, swimming, camping and kayaking.

Francis Point

Francis Point Provincial Park protects a rare and important piece of pristine waterfront on the Francis Peninsula. This extremely fragile and sensitive ecosystem combines the scenic and ecological attributes that have made the Gulf of Georgia world famous: intricate coves, windswept pines, mossy headlands, and towering old-growth veteran Douglas fir.  Much of the trail is over exposed rock so best on a sunny day.Views of Texada Island and Malaspina Strait.

Chapman Creek

There are multiple ways to access the Chapman Creek trail network. Gnome Trail walk is fun for kids starting just after the bridge near Mission Point in Davis Bay.  Chapman Creek also has a fish hatchery and a series of cascades worth exploring. A new trail leading from the airport towards the Chapman Creek bridge section is designated as part of the Suncoaster Trail

Hidden Grove

A unique combination of ancient giant trees, maple wetland and  rocky  promontories. Easy access and parking at entrance to trails. Multiple loops allow you to tailor the level of exertion.

Trout Lake

Located  in Halfmoon Bay, Trout Lake is an especially great destination for hot summer day. Combine a hike or bike with a dip in the lake. Various routes lead to or around the lake.

Pender Hill

A short steep climb and you are rewarde by a panorama of Pender Harder, “Venice of the North”

Triangle Lake

The Triangle Lake trail is a popular Halfmoon Bay hike. It is one of the very few “hiking only” trails on the Sunshine Coast. From the Sargeant Bay entrance it has an elevation gain of about 180 metres (590 feet) that takes roughly 1 to 1.5 hours. If you add in the circle trail it will take another 45 minutes.

Triangle Lake can also be accessed from Highway 101 by Trout Lake. This is a shorter route  with various short ups and downs. The lake is a great example of a coastal bog and interesting from a more of a botanical perspective than recreational.