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Storm Viewing

After living on the water for only a short while, I’m becoming an old salt.

I can sense a storm coming when the air feels charged with quiet  and the horizon squints down to a smudge.It’s eerie to be outside before the action gets started with the knowledge of imminent retreat to enjoy the rain spattering and wind howling from the safety of a warm duvet, fireplace or mug of something hot.
Hunkered down and securedly solidly to the rock, the Pointhouse doesn’t budge. The huge expanses of glass do however. Their vitreous nature is revealed when 90kph gusts ripple and flex the oversized panes. You have a sense of being underway too as the constant motion of the sea and it’s proximetry challenges your perception.

While our storm action is not quite as dramatic as the West Coast of Vancouver Island, we do get some exciting blow ups in the Strait of Georgia. It’s also easier to get to the Sunshine Coast as the Howe Sound crossing is shorter and more protected than the Island routes. Sargeant Bay is oriented to receive many of the prevailing winds head on.Combined with a high tide, big waves can roll, break and surge around our little point. Storm season extends from November to March.

The Pointhouse offers a great storm viewing package with gear, binoculars and hot drinks in the prow. Check the forecast or book now.

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