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November 1 – March 31 is officially storm season on the West Coast. While you don’t need a storm as an excuse to visit the Sunshine Coast it is easier to get here when a gale is forecast than Vancouver Island routes to wild West Coast icons such as Tofino or Euclulet. The Howe Sound crossing is shorter, more protected and less likely to be disrupted by extreme weather. We still see our fair share of  good blows especially in Sargeant Bay with our SE orientation and long fetch that extends as far as the San Juan Islands.

The Pointhouse offers a great Storm Watching Package with gear, binoculars, snacks and hot drinks in the prow, a curated blend of comfort and adventure whether you treat it as an armchair spectator sport or revel in the elements. Even breakfast can be an event surrounded by sloshing seas and booming logs hitting the rugged shoreline. You’d have to be sailing to be any closer to the water. Watch this short clip for a taste of a stormy breakfast.

Between storms check out our winter and holiday markets, explore forest trails, soak in the hot tub, book a massage or sample the local food and drink scene. No matter the weather, a fall or winter retreat to the Sunshine Coast always delivers a fresh perspective on life.

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