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April is our favourite month for sightings of marine mammals in Sargeant Bay. This morning a large pod of Pacific White-sided Dolphins zoomed in for breakfast thrilling our B&B guests. It was the second time in less than a month we have noticed them in our little cove. They stayed around 8 hours-longer than we’ve ever recorded before.

Generally, April an excellent month for whale watching all over the Pacific Northwest. Gray whales, on their annual migration from Mexico to Alaska, pass along the coast, providing opportunities for sightings from shorelines, paddlecraft or organized whale watching tours. We have had a couple of individuals grace the same cove on their long haul routes. Orcas (killer whales) are frequently seen in the region’s waters, adding to the marine spectacle of April. This is faithfully followed by local Sunshine Coast facebook groups to alert members where the whales and dolphins are.

April also sees the return of migratory birds and the changing of the guard for our avian friends in the bay. Songbirds appear along with violet green swallows, hummingbirds, Canada geese, ducks and raptors while the rafts of goldeneyes quietly disappear.

Spring is starting to get into full swing in April, with vibrant blooms painting the landscape. Wildflowers like trilliums, lilies, and rhododendrons blanket forests and meadows, while SeaBlush coats our rocky headlands creating a stunning display of colour.

After the winter months, Black bears come out of hibernation, while elk and deer can be spotted foraging and browsing for emerging tender grasses and shrubs. Additionally, smaller creatures like frogs and salamanders become more active as temperatures rise and set up an evening chorus heralding summer nights.

Finally, April is month of change and renewal, inviting both locals and visitors to embrace the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

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