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In the Shishalh language,  s-wiya? iy sin-ku, land and water, are intimately related. At the Pointhouse, both land and sea are also naturally connected and influence everything from our sustainability policies to our hospitality and amenities.

The design principle for the Pointhouse landscape was “forage in the forest”. Many of the plantings are edible berries, fruit, or medicinal and culinary herbs and plants arranged in the same understory layers you would find in our temperate rainforests, right down to the mycelium layer which contributes to the whole forest cycle.

While the garden changes slowly with the seasons, the waterfront changes minute by minute as each new wave advances or recedes changing the balance of land and water. There is only one ocean surrounding us all. Having a slice of it in your back yard  encourages a global perspective. How we treat our foreshore affects the wider world beyond our limited horizon.

Part of our mission is to help guests appreciate the natural rhythms of s-wiya? iy sin-ku. By creating a peaceful, nurturing environment with minimal distractions, sharing experiences or suggesting itineraries for exploration or inspiration, we hope to foster that connection and rejuvenate both body and spirit.