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The natural diversity of Sargeant Bay Provincial Park provides a variety of opportunities for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

This 155 hectare park protects a wide range of habitats from the marine environment at the head of Sargeant Bay, the barrier berm and it’s associated wetlands, to the pristine bog of Triangle Lake.

Winter storms from the Georgia Strait bring logs and driftwood ashore, making Sargeant Bay an exciting place to explore. The gentle slope of the sand and gravel beach make it ideal for swimming on a warm day. Canoeing. kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and fishing from small boats are other favorite activities on the bay.

A unique feature of Sargeant Bay is the barrier berm, which has created a natural walking trail and an excellent place to observe the park’s abundant wildlife. The berm, with it’s dry salty environment provides habitat for plants like chicory with it’s beautiful blue flowers and gumweed, named for the sticky gum-like substance surrounding it’s flowers.

Enclosed by the barrier berm is Colvin Lake, a wetland habitat for interesting species of waterfowl, salmon, cutthroat trout, river otter and beaver. A fish ladder aids the return of spawning fish to the creek above the lake.

Upland from the beach and berm is Triangle Lake, a true bog that receives it’s water from rain only. Spagum moss, bog cranberry, bog laurel, labrador tea and insect eating sundew are some of the plants that grow in this part of the park.

Access to Triangle Lake is via a 3 km trail from Redrooffs Rd. through varied types of forest. Coastal rainforest with lush moss covered maples, massive douglas fir, as well as patches of shore pine and arbutus trees scattered in the drier sites. Black tailed deer, black bears, red-tailed hawks and barred owls make their homes here.