Tucked in a quiet corner accessed by stepping stones through the garden and Japanese pond is the Zen Teahouse Studio.

Surrounded by rustling grasses, bamboo,  and ferns with peek-a -boo views of the ocean and rocks through slot windows on three sides, the sense of calm is pervasive.  The smooth stone pebbles texturing the floor and warm bamboo ceiling wrap you in a comfortable cocoon. French doors opening onto a private patio make this a relaxing haven for massage or yoga or just peaceful lounging  lulled by the sound of the bamboo fountain. A contemplative zen garden incorporates more pebbles, mossy cushions, a bench, a unique gabion structure and stroll paths.

Most of the property including, beach, rocks, and gardens are available for your own practice or you can book treatments and services in your suite. From luxurious guest rooms to rocky viewpoints or tranquil zen enclaves, private spaces hum with good energy.

All our massage therapists are certified though not necessarily RMT.  If you are planning to claim services as part of your work benefits please let us know in well in advance to try and source an RMT.  Spa practitioners can also visit to offer you lots of options for pampering, health and well being. All our professionals are fully vaccinated and emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation, inspired by our natural surroundings. Either way, be sure to reserve your spa time well in advance. Best to let us know your desired services and times when booking your accommodation  to ensure availability.

*Cancellation Policy:  To protect the livelihood of our spa therapists, treatments must be cancelled  with no less than 48 hrs notice. With less than 48 hrs or failure to show for the appointment time, 100% of the service price will be charged. 

woman seated in yoga pose with wrists resting on knees