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Logging on the Sunshine Coast has created a mountain bike bonanza with access roads criss-crossing the forests and hundreds of trails to challenge all levels of rider.


While most sports can be enjoyed year round on the Sunshine Coast because of our temperate climate, snow sports can only be enjoyed in winter.

Flight/Marine Touring

A great way to appreciate the coves, bays and waterways of this spectacular stretch of the West Coast.

Fishing/Shellfish Harvesting

Float peacefully in Sargeant Bay casting for cutthroat or steelhead or try a fishing charter with one of the experienced Sunshine Coast operators. Some tours include shellfish harvesting


Sea Kayaking or SUP, the latest craze. Negotiating the islets in Sargeant Bay and paddling along the shoreline is not only a good workout but interesting as well…


There are myriad trails exploring coastal forests, mountains, and shorelines ranging in intensity and duration …